Tea – A Very English Tradition

If the term Boba is strange to most of the people, then the bubble tea will definitely arouse their consciousness. It is one of the refreshing tea drinks that has gained much popularity among the young people for its soft and chewy tapioca pearls. While this beverage has come into being since 1980 the various combinations of sweet flavors like honey and condensed milk has added to its rich frothy texture. This fantastic tea mixture is also known as Boba drink, pearl tea drink, Boba ice tea, black pearl tea and tapioca ball drink. It has also changed the minds of many who are used to drinking a hot cup of tea. No one is sure whether the Boba milk tea is a delight drink to eat or a dessert to drink. However, because of the quality and taste it is suitable to have it at any time of the day and in all seasons. This tea mixture is also served both hot and cold.

Indeed the Boba tea is a few steps ahead from matcha bubble tea the ordinary tea drinks because of its variety of colors and flavors. Some of them include almond, banana, coconut, cinnamon, blueberry, honeydew, lychee and much more. People can order for any kind of fruit flavors and some of the shops offers the tea drinks with rare and exotic products. The drinks are merged along with other breakfast and lunch sets and served to the customers in tight shaker cups with a big straw and a hint of protein powder thus delighting them to the maximum.

But the best part in the Boba tea is not the variety of its flavors, but the tapioca balls which are also referred to as pearls. They are round shaped cooked balls that are soft and tender and can be compared to the size of small marbles. It is a fun stuff made from the cassava starch of sweet potato and brown sugar and has a perfect texture when chewed down along with the tea drink. The taste is similar to sticky rice yet it is more dense.

Boba drinks can also be prepared at home as some of its ingredients can be easily ordered online. The preparing process should be correct or else the pearls might get dissolved in the water. If cooked less it might give a sticky flavor. Therefore, it is very important to cook the pearls carefully or else it might hamper the whole taste of the tea.