When might I need a scissor lift?

When you need to pick out some cherries, scissor lift is a must. Cherries are a very common fruit found almost anywhere in the entire world. They are small circular fruits that are very often red and have a large stem coming out of the main fruit body. This stem is usually thrice the size of the diameter of the cherry. The most commonly found cherries have either red colour or they have a dark blue shade as the body colour.

Cherry Cultivation

Cherry is a very demanding fruit, one which requires the utmost care and attention. This incredible fruit is grown mainly in western Asia and Europe. They are self-pollinated which means that they cannot pollinate by the process of cross-pollination. The process of cultivation also requires the utmost care and attention from the farmers. Usage of fertilizers, spraying, irrigation and labour is required. The fruit is also prone to damage from rain, all of which comes together to make the cherry an expensive fruit. Another factor that makes the fruit quite expensive is the fact that the crop requires a long period to mature. The precise time is three to four years once it is planted to produce its first fruit and six to seven years are needed for it to attain full maturity. The cherry crop is also prone to pests and diseases.  They are also prone to browning or root rot from placing in overly wet soil.


How do you know when the perfect time to pick a cherry is? Generally, you will be able to tell when the fruit is ripe or about to be, but to pick cherries when they are fresh and fully ripe you should look for these things. Cherries generally become redder and redder as they reach maturity so you should wait for them to be fully red to harvest them. During this time the cherries will also be a bit hard but fell plump to the touch still. Like other fruit, cherries continue to grow in size until they are fully ripe, so this could be one indicator as well.

After making sure that your fruit is, ripe, it is time to harvest them properly. One useful tip is that to pick them with the stem intact, this elongates their life. By holding the stalk between two of your fingers, you just need to twist it so it neatly comes right off.

Cherry pickers

The process of cherry-picking by oneself sounds like very serious work, and people would generally wish to have nothing to do with this. This is why we have professionals who offer their services for this very crucial yet time taking job. They know how to and when to pick cherries so that they can be preserved without problems and are the most delicious when you have them.  It is very easy to find such professionals for hire on the internet. By just putting in keywords including your residency area‘cherry picker hire. You will be able to find people who will provide their services and also give you advice or teach you the correct way to pick this fruit.